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I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


My name is Pastor Timothy, God has given me His grace to establish a church by the name Love in Christ Prayer Hall Association in Pendurthi Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, South India through which I minister among a community of Tribal astrologers. I glorify God for His grace and thank each one of you for the opportunity to share my testimony with you. Please pray for me and my ministry.


Calling the generations from the beginning? I, the LORD the first, and with the last; I am he.Isaiah 41:4 Dearly beloved in the Lord, I am a servant of the Lord today, but I want to share what I was in the past. Please do watch and listen. I was born in the year 1970 in a village called Dharmapuri which is in Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh to Mr. PachigantulaPothaiah and Mrs. Appayamma. My parents named me as ‘Trinath’.

Practices in our Community

From our predecessors, we have inherited the habits like reading scriptures written on palm leaves (called in Telugu as ’TalipatriGrandhamu’), worshipping the evil spirits, and made our living by making charms out of the herbs found in the jungle and soothsaying about the past present and future. We belong to a group of people who have been used to live only under the trees far away from the village. This is because we are bound for years to some superstitions that prohibit us from having an own house, own cooking system, a cot to sleep on nor educate our children. If anyone in our community is sick, all of us gather around that person without going anywhere. We practice things like conducting séances by invoking the evil spirits. When the evil spirits come, we prepare a dish (called ‘Kumbhamu’in Telugu) by boiling porkwith rice, turmeric powder and saffron powder and place them over thorny bushes as food for evil spirits. These are our beliefs, customs and practices. If anyone in the community goes against the set customs or does anything wrong, he/she will be fined by the caste heads. The fine has different ranges depending on the intensity of the wrong doing. It starts from quarter of a rupee to 4 rupees, Rupees 16 to Rupees 20, Rupees 20 to Thousands of rupees. These head men of the caste will fine the transgressors and if the fine is not paid, then they excommunicate the person from their community

My Profession

My parents had named me as Trinath, but since I wanted to take up the ancestral profession of Tribal Astrology, I changed my name to Khrishamaraju Dora. I practiced astrology and eventually became famous and fortunate in my trade.Thus I started to inform the past, predict the future and fate of prominent officials of Andhra Pradesh.I rendered my services to Police Commissioners, prominent Doctors, Engineers, Vice-Chancellors of Andhra University and distinguished Political leaders. I used to tie charms to their arms, alluring them that they would protect them from their enemies and ward off the impending evil. All of them were so impressed with my work that they gave me certificates of appreciation on their Official Letter-heads, I also have taken photographs along with them, which are there in the visuals for you.

Food Habits in our Community

I want to talk a little about the kind of food habits that we practice. Largely, we hunt animals and eat them. Among the animals that we eat are Monitor Lizards, Tortoises, squirrels, Mongooses, foxes and wild birds. In the following video, you will see how we use dogs to hunt Monitor Lizards and eat them. When we go hunting, we take some dogs along with us. Dogs can sniff and locate the Monitor Lizard and tell us where it is. Normally, the Monitor Lizard gets into an Ant hill or a burrow. The dogs, after locating such place, will start digging the place. We then go and dig the ant hill and take the Lizard out after which we kill it and roast it on fire before eating. We largely depend on these animals for meat.

My 1st Dream given form our Lord Jesus Christ.

We do not know who the real God is. According to our ancestral practices and traditions, we are used to worship the evil spirits and other goddesses. As we were thus leading our lives, in the year 1987, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a dream. I would like to describe the dream in a little detail. In the dream that I saw, the earth was filled with poisonous gasses. The whole earth was turned into a wilderness. I saw people dying in that wilderness because of the poisonous gasses. I was standing in the wilderness was simply watching the destruction. As I saw, many people were dying. I was sure that I also would die, but was trying to close my nostrils with my fingers to prevent the poisonous gasses from killing me. Then in the dream I started to think that these poisonous gasses had come 20 years ago and they have come now again, and that now I am about to die. As I was filled with grief and despair in my heart, suddenly there before me was a huge gate of Fire. Against that gate I saw a huge cross being planted. I was intently watching the proceedings and there behold, I saw two persons dragging a man towards the cross from the right side of the gate. This man who was being dragged was severely wounded and was bleeding profusely. Then the two took this man and nailed him to the cross that was planted against the gate of fire. After crucifying, the two men disappeared. As He was hanging on the cross, he called me and said, “My son, look at me, look at the poisonous gas that is engulfing the earth, look at the people that are dying”. Then I heard that man say, “My son, go and preach about me and the message of salvation to the people that are perishing”. As I was hearing this voice, I started to weep and suddenly woke up from my sleep and realized it to be a dream. Once I woke up in the morning, I felt a strong motivation in my heart that repeatedly urged me to go to the church. But I do not know what a church is nor do I know who Jesus Christ is. Later I shared the dream to my wife and told her about the dream that convinced me that Jesus is the Christ. I asked her opinion about accepting Jesus Christ. When she heard this, she did not speak anything. As my heart kept urging me to go to the church irrespective of where I was, I started to inquire who the church is or what it is? As I was inquisitive about it, I found out that Jesus is a God only for a certain caste of people called ‘Mala’. Then, when I shared to my wife that Jesus is a God only for the ‘Mala’ caste of people and not for us, she said, “ we have many goddesses who are worshipped by the people of our caste, why should we worship that God, so forget about Him”.

The 2nd dream given by our Lord Jesus Christ

From the year 1987 up to 1988, the memories of the dream were repeatedly coming into my thoughts. But in the year 1988, again the Lord Jesus appeared to me in a dream and gave me the following message. In the dream, I saw the sea was raging towards the earth and its mammoth waves were gushing towards the earth and drowning people to death. Even I was near to the waters and my feet also touched the waters. Everyone around me were dying and I was scared that I would also die. Therefore, I was frightened to put a step forward. Then suddenly, from a far distance, from the horizon of the sea, I saw a bright light, bright as gold, coming forth towards me. From that light, I could see a cross emerging and standing before me. I now was able to hear a voice from the cross that said, “My son, you should go and preach this message of the cross to many people. As soon as I heard this voice, I lifted my hands towards the heavens and cried, “Oh! My Lord”. Immediately, I woke up. In the morning.

Our experience with the Evil Spirit that we worshipped for 25 years

By the year 1994, I was a father of two daughters. My wife was again pregnant with a baby boy for 7 months. For the past 25 years, we have been worshiping an evil spirit. This evil spirit would come to us on every full moon and new moon days, when it comes, we had to take a pig and pierce a knife through its throat and collect its blood. Then a certain woman who gets possessed by this evil spirit would drink the blood of the pig and then would start speaking to us. It would ask us to cook the meat of the pig with rice, turmeric powder and saffron powder(called Kumbhamu) and serve it on thorny bushes. This was the kind of worship we were used to, for the past 25 years that on every full moon and the new moon day, we have been offering a pig without fail. That spirit would poses a woman and speak to us. Meanwhile, in the year 1994, the Government of Andhra Pradesh started a new initiative of providing housing for the underprivileged people who dwelt under trees, for orphans and the destitute. At that time, we were living in a village called Pendurthi. The Government said that they would relocate us to a nearby hill and give us permanent accommodation. But we believed in some superstitions which said that it would be a bad omen for us to live in constructed houses.Therefore, we, who were 80 families of Tribal Astrologers, started to live under the trees on that hill, abandoning the houses provided. While we were living so, three Christian families came to rent some of the abandoned houses and live there. From among those three families, three women would regularly weep and pray every morning and evening. While these women were praying in tears, we used to mock and laugh at them. On the other hand we also used to worship our deities. During the worship, all the men and women from the community would be fully drunk on toddy and arrack. Then the evil spirit would come and poses our women, who would run around with their hair loose. Today, after knowing Christ, when I think back into that situation, I realize that those Christian women, probably were moved with compassion on seeing the evil worship and were weeping and praying for our freedom from the evil spirits. One day around 7pm, the evil spirit that we had been worshiping for the past 25 years possessed a women and called for all of us to speak with us. When we all gathered, it commanded us to send the three praying Christian families away from among us since it said that it was unable to come to us because of their prayers. It also said that it is getting an unpleasant odor because of the prayers. When we heard this, all of us Astrologers were amazed. We said to the spirit that we will send them away and pacified its anger, but we did not act accordingly. Immediately, the next day, this spirit possessed the same woman and strictly warned us that it would kill all of us if we don’t send away those praying Christian families from among us. The next day we went to those Christian families and told them that it was very unsafe for them to live among us because we practice black magic and witchcraft. Then they replied that the evil spirits that were on our side, the black magic and witchcraft would not harm them, therefore they asked us to stop threatening them. It’s quite interesting to note that the evil spirit said it was unable to come because of the prayers of believers. We can see the fulfillment of the Word which says,

“Where two or three gather in my name, my presence will be among them”. Matt 18:20

On the same night, the women who was possessed by the evil spirit, started to suffer with severe hemorrhage and at midnight, around 1am, this women bled to death. We were all trembling at this and were in a state where we could do nothing. Suddenly, the evil spirit possessed another woman and said that it would kill all of us. All of us with much fear and trembling said to the evil spirit that we were ready to offer anything. We tried to appease it by all means, but it kept on saying that it would kill all of us. Since we were in a helpless situation, we started to bitterly cry over what was happening. The very next day, at around 7am, this evil spirit possessed my very wife and from 7am to 7pm it started to speak through my wife. It explained as to how reverently we worshipped it for the past 25 years. According to our custom, all the men and women from our community did not go anywhere, but were around the possessed person listening intently what the evil spirit had to say. At around 7pm, we all pleaded the evil spirit not to harm this woman and that we were ready to do whatever it demands of us. With an anxiety to do something, we started to do what we could. We brought all the charms that we had and tied them to her, we also made a fine paste of the herbs and smeared the body, just to ward off the evil influence. The evil spirit ridiculed them saying, all this is very familiar to me. Now, we were in a very desperate situation fearing our immanent death, on the other hand the possessed became very wild and unruly. None of the known medicine to us could heal this condition. The evil spirit became more furious when we were trying to tie charms and smear the body of the possessed with the herbal paste as it thought that these people who worshipped me for 25 years are now wanting to get rid of me. So the evil spirit decided to leave and as it left, to kill my wife. It started the process of taking the life off my wife. My wife started to shout at the top of her voice, “I am dying…I am dying”. Then she went to her father and said, “Let me lay in your lap and breathe my last”. In such a helpless situation, we all started to weep. At that time, I remembered the words of the evil spirit when it said that it was having an unpleasant odor emanating from the praying Christians. I could hear a voice from within that urged me to take her to the church. Therefore, I said to everyone, “let us immediately take her to the church”. Suddenly my wife held my hand and said, “As soon as you uttered the word ‘Church’, the evil spirit has let loose of my life in the mid skies”. Then I realized that when I uttered the word ‘Church’, the glorious power of our Lord Jesus Christ had burnt the vice of the evil spirit. However strong the evil spirit is, at the utterance of the word Jesus, it will tremble and flee away. God remembered my wife in that lowly situation, and my wife came into the control of Jesus Christ from the control of the wicked evil spirit. I believed that he is a very present help in times of trouble. My wife started to plead me to immediately take her to the church, and only then she will live. Therefore, we all took her to a nearby church and got her baptized on the 11th day. Right from that day, 15/12/1994 onwards until today, the evil spirit never even dared to look at my wifenor poses her. All glory to God. As according to Galatians 3:27, “You that are baptized into Christ have put on Christ”. In the year 1994, we were freed from the clutches of Satan and my wife after baptism was given a name ‘Mariyamma’. The Pastor who baptized her named her ‘Mariyamma’ instead of her old name ‘Devudamma’ From that day onwards, we received Jesus Christ as our personal savior. I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, but did not leave my profession of Astrology, nor my old habits such as drinking alcohol. Day after day, in spite of growing in the Lord, I was busy with my profession and my bad habits.

Dream of Accident

God spoke to me through Isaiah 48:9, I am ………………………………………” I started to get disturbed because of the contents of the Word that God spoke to me. On the night of 10th April 1999, God showed me a dream in which I could see the chastisement that God had laid in store for me. You can see an animation of the visuals in the dream that I received. I woke up from my sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was greatly disturbed because of what I saw in a dream the previous night. I knelt down before the Lord and prayed asking Him what has happened. I was greatly terrified thinking some harm may happen to me and asked God, Father what will happen to me and why did I get such a dream? I got this dream on 10th April 1999 and on 13th April 1999, exactly three days later, I and another Astrologer named Darappa, my brother-in-law, who is a lot senior and more experienced in this profession than me, came to know of a prominent Politician in Vizianagaram and planned to go to him to predict his future. For this we dressed our best like professional Tribal Astrologers and alighted a lorry in Pendurthy and went directly to the house of the Politician in a village named Konada in Vizianagaram District. It was around 9am in the morning, the Politician was coming out after having a shower, with the towel on his shoulder. He asked us, who are you? We answered, Sir, we have come to foretell your future. Then, he intently examined us from top to bottom. This gentleman had bandages in many places on his body due to some wounds. Darappa figured out that this man may have had an accident. As this man was looking intently at us from top to bottom, my fellow astrologer said, Sir, you are just out of a vehicular danger.fellow astrologer was able to predict that the politician was just out of a vehicular danger but was unable to predict the same danger which was lurking at us. It’s so strange because my poor Then the politician turned towards us and asked us to go away and that he does not want to hear any foretelling from us. The reason is that the politician understood that my fellow astrologer made a blind guess looking at his wounds that it was a vehicular damage. My fellow astrologer put his face down in shame and said that we should go away from there. But from far off, we saw a lorry coming towards us at high speed. My fellow astrologer signaled to the speeding lorry to stop. The lorry driver looking at our attire probably may have thought to inquire about his future from us, that he suddenly stopped the lorry. There were only two people in the lorry, the driver and his cleaner assistant. Both of us entered the cabin of the bus, but my fellow astrologer went and sat comfortably beside the driver. But I sat in front of the cleaner just behind the windshieldon a small wooden plank with a desire to get a good view. I was looking towards the road and enjoying the view, the cleaner was behind me. The lorry started to move from Tararapuvalasa via Anandapuram towards Pendurthy. The driver was driving the lorry at a very high speed. I want to once again affirm that no one knows about what would happen in any person’s life. If anyone knows it, I strongly believe that it is only Christ who has carved us in his palms. I strongly proclaim that no human being in this world knows what is going to happen in the lives of others or himself/herself. If there is anyone who says he is able to predict the future, he can at any time come and debate with us. The lorry was running at a high speed of around 100 km/h and we were totally six people in cabin of the lorry. This lorry was coming from West Bengal with a heavy load of Coal. The driver was fully engrossed in driving and was seemingly enjoying the speed. Suddenly we saw a lorry coming towards us from the opposite direction. This lorry was coming uphill and our lorry was going downhill with a high speed. Within no time the lorry was opposite to us in a very less distance. My fellow astrologer probably was also enjoying the speed along with the driver, but the situation alarmed him and was looking towards me and the driver repeatedly. Even I was looking at my fellow astrologer. We were even unable to ask the driver to stop the lorry, since we understood that the lorry would not stop even if the brakes were applied. We felt that the crash was imminent. Both the Lorries approached headlong, but both the drivers knew that if they collide headlong, both of them would die. Therefore, our driver suddenly turned the steering wheel towards the left with great force with an intention to crash against the two palm trees that were on the left side of the road. When I saw this, I shouted, “Jesus!”, and leaped from my seat and fell aside in the cabin of the lorry. One of the palm trees that was hit was uprooted and another broken into two because of the impact. The cleaner of the lorry and one person between me and the cleaner were torn into pieces from the chest to the legs and died on the spot. It was such a gruesome accident that as the cleaner fell out of the lorry, the palm tree fell on him. I did not understand what actually happened to me. When I shouted “Jesus” and stood from my place and leaned towards the engine, in that fraction of a moment, the havoc took place, I landed into safety. God’s promise that says, ‘Though you walk through the waters, they will now drown you’ was fulfilled in my life. My fellow astrologer’s back and his legs were broken, the gear rod of the lorry pierced through his thigh. The cabin collapsed on me, but I was just sitting where I was. The driver was safe, but we all were with blood and wounds all over. Now when I started to examine myself, I realized that I was wounded on my left foot. Some metal sheet had cut through my left foot at the heel. The part of heel that was cut was hanging from the leg. As I stood from the place that I sat, I said one thing to my Lord, “Jesus, please save me, I give you a word that never in my life will I again practice Astrology or foretelling”. As I tried to come out of the lorry, I lost balance and fell into the thorny bushes that were beside the road.

Admitted in a hospital at Anandapuram and later shifted to King George Hospital

Then, when I was in a helpless condition, the Sub Inspector of the Anandapuram Police Station, Mr. Lanka Ramanababu came along with his fellow policemen and took us to the police station and later admitted us in the Government Hospital beside the Police Station. Then they hired two Auto Rickshaws, one for two of us and one for the dead bodies which they packed in two gunny bags and sent both of them to King George Hospital, where they admitted us in S-5 ward. All the details of the accident what had happened that day were clearly published in the Vaartha News Paper with the heading ‘Two dead and four injured in a road accident’. You can see the clipping of the same. While I was in the hospital, I saw so many people in the same ward that had accidents. As I was lying on the bed, the person who was in a bed opposite to me gave me a Gospel tract from which God spoke to me from Luke 15:24 saying,“My son was dead and he is now alive, was lost but now he is found”. My eyes focused on the words, ‘Was dead, but is now alive, was lost but not found’. Immediately my heart was filled with the Holy Spirit. I started to rejoice as the Lord started to speak to me. My heart was moved with those words of scripture. I believed that God is with me. In the one week that I was in the Hospital, I went through a lot of pain. As the doctors were cleaning the wound with spirit and extracting the remains of the palm tree from within the wound, I felt that the pain I went through was probably the greatest pain that could come to a human being in this world. I cant imagine what my Lord went through in his crucifixion and death, but when the doctors poured spirit on my wound to clean it, I would shed tears felt that I was literally being burnt with fire. At this juncture, I started to pray. After a week in the hospital, I could clearly see the bone exposed from within the wound. The doctors came to me and said, “We have to amputee the footfrom your left leg the coming Monday, on that day, you better don’t eat anything”. There was exactly one week time for my left foot to be removed. Fortunately, the Doctor that was treating me was also a Christian. His name was Dr. Ambedkar. He was the best specialist in such treatment. He went away after telling me about what would happen on Monday asking me to get prepared for it. I looked at the Doctor and said, it’s okay if you cut my foot away from my leg, but please see that I will be alive because I have my Wife and Children to take care of. He did not speak anything, but silently went away. I started to pray and I can say that was indeed the real prayer which I prayed. Glory to God. According to His Word, “Call unto me and I shall answer you”, God heard my prayer. As said earlier, after a week, the doctors came on Monday at around 11am and undressed the wound on the left foot. Once they finished opening, all of them were dumbstruck and stood there staring at my left foot for around 15 minutes. When I and my wife looked at the doctors that were looking intently at my wound, we started to weep bitterly. I was deeply hurt because doctors used me for foretelling, but now they were unable to give my foot back. But because of the fervent prayer that I had done, some miracle had happened in my left foot. The doctors were surprised and kept staring at the wound for around 15 minutes and said, “This is something supernatural, there is no need to amputee your leg”. Saying this they went away. God does not want anyone created in His image lose any of the parts of their body. God gave my foot back as a reward. The muscle tissue started to re grow again from the wound. Glory to God. Therefore I strongly believe that if any one of us lose any of the parts of our body, we cannot obtain them from anyone in this universe except our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God. I was treated in KGH for 2 months. After two months, because of God’s abundant grace, I safely reached home under the protection of the Almighty God commanded me to establish a church. Halleluiah!

Church construction Photo

God commanded me to establish a church. God asked me to take courage and start a church among the people of my astrologers community, on the very hill on which we lived. we built a hut on the hill that we lived, called a servant of God and had him pray over us and start the church. We started with one person, but the church grew day by day and many people started to come to the church. The rest of the Astrologers in the community tried a lot to stop me from establishing a church there. They all took me to the local Panchayat office. All the young astrologers of the community around 50 of them came to me and threw their astrology bags in front of me asking me to feed them because they felt that their profession was under threat because of the church being established amidst them. They said, “If you, being an Astrologer go to the people and say that Jesus Christ is God indeed, then who will respect our trade”?They said by doing so you are establishing that our gods and goddesses are not real. They also said you are doing something that is not there in our caste or tribe. They all gave me a very attractive offer, and said, “All of us will collectively give you Rs. 5,000/- a month. Since you have believed in Christ, stay indoors and worship Him, but please do not establish a church”. I replied to them saying I will by all means do only what my God has told me, not what you tell me. They all came towards me charging to harm me physically. They defamed me and excommunicated me from their community. I said that I had no regrets with their decision. My dear Brothers, many people blame that Christians will convert you to a different religion, they will change people, they tell unwanted things and convert them into their faith. Let me tell you that in this world, no human being can change another human being. No religion can change another religion. Its God and only God who can change everything. If God wants to change you, even the whole world may try and convince you against God, but you will listen to God alone. If a human being ever changes a human being, the change is very temporary, but if God changes a human being, even if the whole world gets united, it cannot stand against the person who is being changed. God’s power, the salvation of Jesus Christ and the hand of God will take the saved person into the highest place and thus the Word that says, “As a warrior wields his Sword, so shall I use you”will be fulfilled in the lives of all those who are called by Him. It’s impossible for a Human being to save a fellow Human being, but everything is possible with God. Halleluiah! I know that every dream and every vision that God gave me are very precious, so I spent almost all of the income I get on designing the visuals so that people will be blessed through my testimony. My faith is that even in my physical absence, these visuals will help everyone around the world to know how God changed me, a Tribal Astrologer, who practiced witchcraft and black magic, who made a fortune by telling false things about the past present and future, extorted money and consumed alcohol with the ill gains. Government officials gave me certificates of appreciation and had me photographed with them for being an Astrologer. They rewarded me with thousands of rupees, but my Lord Jesus Christ has placed the Holy Bible in my hands and has blessed me with eternal life. Today I declare that this living word that is in my hand is much more precious than all those certificates of appreciation, photographs, the thousands of rupees and the momentary pleasure that they gave me. Through this Living Word, as God has commanded, I wish to be His witness to the ends of the world. Therefore, I have been sharing the good news of Christ among the Astrologers, people that practice black magic and witchcraft. Thousands of such people in Andhra Pradesh are in the bondage of evil spirits, being continuously tormented, and are destined for destruction. My passion and mission is to go to every Tribal Astrologers’ village in Andhra Pradesh, establish a church there and proclaim the salvation which me, my wife and family have experienced in Christ. My prayer is that they should not perish and that their salvation should bring glory to God and should be an example to many people. I would request you to pray for me as I undertake this mammoth task with God’s help. You can also do your part in sharing my burden by buying and watching this CD. Please watch it and show it to as many people as you can around you so that they may understand how great our God is. By doing so I wish that you also will be a source of blessing to many people. Please use this CD as a source to disburse the burden that God has laid in your heart through watching my testimony. By doing so you will also be a source of blessing in bringing salvation to many people. Please do pray for me and the people groups among whom I am ministering the Gospel. May God bless this testimonyabundantly.

Closing Prayer

Let’s bow our heads, close our eyes and look unto the Lord in prayer.

Most Holy Lord! Please grant us your grace that many people who listen to this testimony will be saved. In the most holy name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

In the year 1999, I registered an association by named ‘Love in Christ Prayer Hall Association’ in a land that I obtained on a hill, built a church and am ministering among the Tribal Astrologers. Please pray and encourage this Ministry. By the grace of God, I performed the marriage of my three daughters according to Christian faith. Rev. Y. Issaacgaru, the Pastor of Apostolic Faith Church in Visakhapatnam solemnized the wedding of my eldest daughter. Rev. Paramanandaiahgaru, the Pastor of Bethesda Church solemnized the weddings of both of my younger daughters. Interestingly, these weddings were attended by many Tribal Astrologers from around 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh. Glory to God! I am preaching the Gospel in many unreached areas that are not easily accessible, among the tribals, Witch Doctors and Astrologers. It has been 13 years that I have left my ancestral profession of Astrology and am working for the Lord full time. Please pray and if God motivates you, please co-operate with me. Then I can ahead with greater strength. Thank you one and all. Pastor Timothy working hard in Building the Church on the Hill. Pastor Timothy distributing clothes to the tibals. Preaching the Gospel to the Hindu seers. Preaching in Open air Meetings. Praying for the sick. Laying hands on the sick and anointing them with oil for a healing. With the Church Congregation Family of Pastor Timothy

Pastor P. Tribal Timothy had the vision in 1987 with Lord Christ to reach unsaved people by spreading the gospel of Him for their redemption & make this world a better place and leave a legacy behind.

Our vision

Pray for Pastor Timothy family

Statement of Faith

Mission Objects

So Saul died for his breach of faith. He broke faith with the Lord in that he did not keep the command of the Lord, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance. 14 He did not seek guidance from the Lord. Therefore the Lord put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse. 1 Chronicles 10:13-14