Please, pray and support our orphan children

I am running a small orphanage home called ( Care for poor oaphnaging ) for them i am taking care of Medical aid , education , shelter , daily living and also giving them spiritual education .As I am taking care of about 30 children's who where orphan from tribal community with the help of few believer's from my church .Please do pray for my orphanage home ( orphanage name ) through your ministry and also in your daily prayers . Please make us part of your ministry to help these needy children's, we live by faith and want to help more orphan Kids to educate in the faith of our living God . As Lord spoke to you in regarding of these Orphan Children's , so that i can give them a good spiritual education and also world education , so that children will become wise persons. My resource are very less to maintain these children's, but also their are more than 70 orphan kids are their in my area and in my community so i kindly request you to remember in your daily prayers , so that they would be evangelism is our Motto in Gods word.. With all this once again i am requesting you kindly to serve a seed in this orphan Home with heart felt burden about these kids who lost their parents with disease ,who lost their parents with HIV and aids with this many children have been sent our of their community and they were not taken care with their relatives, with prayerfully please kindly oblige my kind request and help for my orphan kids , so that we can give food , shelter, education and good spiritual life to the children. If you need more info in regarding for this Home please contact me on ( +919948182579 ) or Send me email to Website