Pastor Timothy Preaching Word of God in Public Revival Crusade Vizayanagaram(Dist) In INDIA, December 25th 2014

Public Revival Crusade

Future plans for God’s ministry

Our ministries aim reach the world worried by conducting crusades, seminars, public meetings, outreach programmes and share the maighty Apostolic teaching in the year (1999) we have already conducted nearly 25 big public meetings in different part’s of India. We pray to lord and plan to conduct more crusads in 2015. The Good Lord has layed great burden in our heart’s for feeding the people with God’s word and prepare them like solid spiritual warriors. If God’s will, we reach all over India and world, with good news of Jesus to Restore his children to His kingdom. Many people were blessed, Touched, Healed, Diliverd through pastor tribal Timothy public meetings in different parts in India. If you are want his service in your Country please Call Us: +91 9948182579